Framing Lumber, Plywood, OSB

We love framing and it shows.  All lumber is not equal, knowing the best mills and manufacturers is important, we have the experience, you get the benefit.  Best of all lumber is renewable, reusable and biodegradable making it the greenest construction resource available.

Framing Lumber:  We certify that all our lumber Inspected and Graded by an industry recognized Grading Agency and is approved for appropriate uses by the International Building Code as used in Lawton and all of Oklahoma.  Check out these quality lumber manufacturers, Tolko, Weyerhaeuser, Canfor, Seneca, Simpson, Georgia Pacific and Interfor, most of our inventory will be from their best mills.  

Studs form the vertical framing of your home and are an important structural component.  All stud lumber is #2 & Better Kiln Dried Douglas Fir or #2 Kiln Dried Western SPF.  Sizes:
2x4 92 5/8”, 2x4 104 5/8”, 2x4 116 5/8”
2x6 92 5/8”, 2x6 104 5/8”, 2x6 116 5/8”
Special Trims 2x4 thru 2x12 Custom Length done onsite in any quantity

Dimensional Lumber forms most of the horizontal structure of your home and many utility uses.  Knowing and using the right sizes and grades is important.  It is sometimes complicated and confusing, relax, we consult span charts and code books daily to help assure customers get the best product for each application.  Sizes, Grades & Species:
2x4 8’ thru 20’ #2 KD SPF, MSR1650F KD SPF, MSR2400F KD SYP, #2 SYP Treated
2x6 8’ thru 20’ #2 KD SPF, MSR1650F KD SPF, MSR2400F KD SYP, #2 SYP Treated
2x6 22’, 24’, 26’ 28’ #2 GRN DF
2x8 12’ thru 20’ #2 KD SYP, #2 SYP Treated 12’ & 14’
2x8 22’, 24’, 26’, 28’ #2 GRN DF
2x10 14’ thru 20’ #2 KD SYP
2x12 10’ thru 20’ #2 KD SYP
2x12 22’, 24’ #2 GRN DF

Exterior Sheathing:  4x8 Dow Styrofoam, ½” thru 1” T&G, Gyp Sheathing, House Wrap & Sill Sealer

Engineered Wood Products:  Wood I-Joists lengths 16’ through 24’ & LVL (laminated veneer lumber) in 1.75”x11 7/8”, 14” & 16” in lengths 18’ through 24’ & Industrial Garage Door Headers in 16’ 9” & 18- 9” lengths, many other sizes of Engineered Wood Products on Special Order

Metal Framing:  1 5/8”, 3 5/8” & 6” Studs 8’ through 12’, 20 &25 Gage, Furring Channel, Angles and J-Trim

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