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Why Use Wood Trusses?…..


Contractors and builders know that a Mid-America Wood Truss System ensures quality and efficiency.

How do wood truss systems add strength and value to your home? 

     Actually, it is simpler and more intuitive than you might imagine.  And with today’s advanced computer design and precision manufacturing complete truss systems can be designed for virtually any home or building.  Complex floor plans, large open rooms, multiple interior ceiling heights and profiles and advanced roof lines that dominate today’s residential landscapes are not only possible but in most cases the most economical as well.

     Mid-America Wood Truss Systems provide strength and value virtually impossible with common stick framing.   Inherent advantages not generally possible with stick framed roof structures are briefly as follows:

  • Wood trusses are individually designed and fabricated with superior quality #1 KD Southern Yellow Pine and MSR (Machine Stress Rated) lumber and rigid metal plate connected perfectly fitted joints that provide a strong rigid roof profile. 
  • Wood trusses span a structure completely from side to side and tie the framing together across the entire building for additional strength and rigidity.
  • Long clear spans, multiple ceiling profiles, attic frame and bonus rooms are easily accomplished with wood truss systems.
  • Wood truss systems use approximately 1/3 less lumber to produce a superior roof structure, reducing weight while adding strength.
  • Wood truss systems install faster with virtually no jobsite waste.
  • Wood truss systems provide advantages that live long past the construction phase and will perform for generations to come.

What makes Mid-America Wood Truss Systems a superior value to other manufacturers?   

     Superior wood truss systems begin with a superior design team.  Your plans undergo a complete review for basic design, special profiles, structural challenges by our experienced designers and you or your builder will be a vital part of the team to assure every detail is included in your final truss system design.  Our computer design and engineering platform is provided by top rated MiTek Industries the long time leading supplier to the wood truss industry.

  • You receive a complete layout and pricing for your wood truss system delivered on time to your jobsite, guaranteed.  No additional charges, no surprises.
  • Your wood truss system is precision assembled in our state of the art, computer aided, laser guided assembly plant.  For your assurance, our plant, assembly process and quality control are Third Party Inspected under the TPI (Timber Plate Institute) quarterly inspection process.
  • Mid-America Wood Truss Systems are fabricated from superior quality #1 KD Southern Yellow Pine and MSR (Machine Stress Rated) lumber.  This is important and unique, most wood truss manufacturers use only visually graded lumber in #2 and #3 grades.  Superior strength and long term durability is greatly enhanced by superior lumber.

We make it easy for you to receive all the benefits of a Mid-America Wood Truss System. 

     We receive customer plans in many forms, traditional paper construction plans and most electronic architectural formats.  Contact us by phone, fax or email to place your order or receive a job quote.  Our friendly and experience team will respond quickly with all the answers to your wood truss system needs.